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About Chosen Ministry

Our Organization

As a contractor in the Permian Basin area, I have discovered an unmet need.   I began to notice that the construction trade in the area was in dire need of sober, drug free, reliable and Christian contractors and employees in the construction field. The harder I looked for employees that fit these criteria,

the more I began to realize that construction would soon be a lost art.

Chosen Ministry has teamed up with Teen Challenge Adult Centers of Texas to teach men the skills that America was founded on. Together we develop trade skills and Christian morals to help build a world that will lift each other up in hard times, carry each other’s burdens and preach the gospel to the lost.

Our Mission

At Chosen Ministry, we strive to enrich lives through Biblical teachings while developing trade skills and Christian work ethics. We provide intentional living spaces for individuals while leading them into becoming productive citizens through hard work, self-discipline, financial responsibility and community involvement.

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